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These are difficult times.  our amazing nhs needs help and the Atlantic grappler campaign will do just that.

 When our family needed intensive care support we were lucky, it saved our son's life.  That was 9 years ago but recent events have thrust this often overlooked resource back onto the spotlight and deep into everyone's hearts.

Together we will save many more lives

help me to help others just like Gabriel!

stay safe, get in touch, donate if you can and be part of the journey

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It is impossible to row an ocean alone.  The success of this campaign will be down to everyone who has played their part ; the company who enables the purchase of the boat through sponsorship, the family who joins the 250+ club to the child who donates their pocket money this week and follows the dots throughout the race.  

I can't do this without YOUR support

Thank you


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How Your Donation Helps

The more money we raise to enable a successful challenge, the more we're able to help those who need it the most at 
Leeds Children's Hospital 
Once the Atlantic row is complete all additional money raised from sponsorship and donations will go directly to the 
Paediatric Intensive Care Unit 
Help me to help others


Feeds me for one day during the row


Provides vital medication for the duration of the row


Pays for a sea survival course to keep me safe


Buys one new oar for the race (many will be broken)


The total cost of one day (provided I only take 60 days!!)

Be Part of the 


Anyone who donates to help The Atlantic Grappler campaign automatically becomes a part of the team and benefits from these exciting opportunities

follow the race live via a dedicated app

receive regular updates throughout the campaign

win a day out training with the atlantic grappler


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250+ Club

Join the 250+ Club by donating £250 or above and receive the following benefits:

Your name on the boat

Your name on the 250+ Hall of Fame wall below

A personal thank you from The Atlantic Grappler on social media

All 250+ Club members will be entered into a prize draw to win a day out on the boat with me

Hall of Fame

Your name here?

1.  Team BATES
2.  Carol Ashbridge                   
3.  Lynn & Peter Berry    
4.  Andy Murray
5.  Liz, Steve, George & Scarlett Banks 
6.  The Baxters 
7.  Euro Options
8.  Declan Shilton
9.  The Slade Family
10. Jess & Eesa
11. KU
12.  Matt Lewis
13.  Zipyard Leeds
14.  Ray Harrison
15.  The Howard Family
16.  Phil Midwinter
17.  Roundhay High School
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